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The top row and perhaps the comments section in the right hand column provide the essentials . The other entries simply provide an easier form of reference for specific types of work. There may be some additional value in presenting alternate ways of looking at the same material by focusing on smaller units.


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The first draft of this site went on-line on New Year's Day, 2001.

I linked the site to the Light and Dust menu on New Year's Day 2002.
For auld lang sine, thanks to Patricia Wagner and Márton Koppány for their indirect and direct encouragement in setting up this site last New Year's Day. And particular thanks to the memory of Ian Heavens, who assisted me in my first net efforts, and who had died shortly before the site's first draft went on-line.

This site is in a state of temporary tinkering at the moment. It would be unwise to use this draft in citations or assume that anything but the index section is there for purposes other than testing.