Tentative Index of On-Line
Visual Poetry by Karl Young

- Selections from Clouds Over Fortjade

- A fuller selection of Clouds Over Fortjade: A Dialogue Between Tu Fu and Wang Wei

- Selections from Cried and Measured

- Selections from 1998s Year of E-Mail Art collaborations between Reid Wood and Karl Young.

- Complete 2001 Year of E-Mail Art collaboration between Reid Wood and Karl Young.

- a sunset [at mIEKAL aND's spidertangle the_book site]

Intermediate Work Between Visual and Lexical Poetry:

- Three, Hiroshima

- The Flies. The Game Is Up. [at Mary Sands' Jack Magazine].

- "Two Couples" from Group Portraits [in Isibongo, a South African journal of Newly- and Re-Emergent Arts, issue guest edited by Michael Rothenberg]

- Sketches from The Ring of Indochina

Essays relating to Visual Poetry:

- Notation and the Art of Reading.
Young's most important essay, discussing the interrelation of book production and poetry in several cultures as it related to poetry in the U.S. in the early 80s.
Jelölési rendszerek - és az olvasás művészete Fordította: Koppány Márton. (Hungarian translation by Márton Koppány)
Texto Espańol; traduccion: César Espinosa.

- The Last Pages of Codex Boturini
Essay on one of the surviving pre-Columbian Mexican manuscripts, with facsimile and translations. [Published in Tezcatlipoca: A Journal of Chicano/a Studies].

Names: The Basis of Graffiti Art

- The Visual Poetry of bpNichol; a Brief Sketch.
Overview, with copious examples.

- "Reading the Waves, An Introduction to Karl Kempton's Rune: A Survey"

- The Turning Pages of Light and Darkness: d.a.levy's Tibetan Stroboscope


- Cat Licked the Garlic by Anne Tardos

- Spoken Texts by Alison Knowles

- Digital Visions by Cynthia Goodman

Light and Dust Anthology of Poetry