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by Kitasono Katue



Poetry started with a quill and should come to an end with the ball-point pen. Presently it seems that poetry has reached a fork leading either towards ruin or greater potential; the direction will entirely depend on what kind of tool modern poets will use instead of ball-point pens to express themselves.

The camera is fit to be used expressively by poets. The camera can create a lovely poem even from trifling objects.

Words are the most uncertain symbols devised by human beings for communication. Further, Zen, philosophy and religion, etc., have driven them away to worthless rubbish.

It is a pack of nonsense that poems, the products of poets, are for antiquated mental constitutions of Zen and philosophy.

A plastic poem which needs neither lines nor stanzas is the figure of a poem itself; in other words, it is a "device for a poem" for which rhythm and meaning are not essential factors.

A flow of experimental poetry that originated from the sources of Futurism, Dadaism, and Cubism has left small ponds of concrete poems here and there, but they will dry up sooner or later.

Poets: You should not expect to win general applause for your being the most skilled craftsmen of words. Such applause will never be brought to you, however long you may wait for it.

I will create poetry through the viewfinder of my camera, out of pieces of paper scraps, boards, glasses, etc. This is the birth of new poetry.


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