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The Fluxus Performance Workbook

Edited by Ken Friedman, Owen Smith, and Lauren Sawchyn

550 of the great classic Fluxus scores by:


Genpei Akasegawa

Eric Andersen


Robert Bozzi

George Brecht

Don Boyd

Henning Christiansen

Anthony Cox

Jed Curtis

Jean Dupuy

Albert M. Fine

Luce Fierens

Bici Forbes

Peter Frank

Ken Friedman

Lee Heflin

Hi Red Center

Dick Higgins

Davi Det Hompson

Toshi Ichiyanagi

Joe Jones




Bengt af Klintberg

Milan Knizak

Alison Knowles

Takesha Kosugi

Bob Lens

Jackson Mac Low

George Maciunas

Richard Maxfield

Larry Miller

Yoko Ono

Nam June Paik

Willem de Ridder

Paul Shartis

Tomas Schmit

Mieko Shiomi

Anne Tardos

Tristan Tzara

Ben Vautier

Wolf Vostell

Robert Watts

Emmet Williams


Main On-Line Site for Fluxus Scores and related work:

Performance Research


Other Fluxus works at Light and Dust:

George Brecht: Dances, Events, Puzzles

George Brecht: Táncok, események, feladványok
forditotta: Koppány Márton
(Hungarian translation by Márton Koppány)

12 Structures Scores by Ken Friedman

Metadrams by Dick Higgins

from Bread and Water by Alison Knowles

Frijoles Canyon by Alison Knowles

9 Light Poems by Jackson Mac Low

from Words nd Ends from Ez by Jackson Mac Low

Pre-Fluxus Conceptual Developments and Generative influences
Chapter 1 of Fluxus:The History of an Attitude
by Owen F. Smith

Karl Young review of Alison Knowles's Spoken Text

Two Representative Works of the Last Decade
A Working Birthday Present for Jackson Mac Low on His 75th Birthday
by Karl Young


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