poems for, to, and after d.a.levy

Curated by Ingrid Swanberg
assisted by Karl Young

Poets began writing poetry to d.a.levy, about him, for him, and under his influence long before his death, and have continued through the 33 years that have passed since. Although he has been more or less systematically excluded from anthologies and serious critical writing, his influence on those around him and those who follow in his footprints attest to his status as a major poet in a way that no official acknowledgement could do. This small gathering concentrates on poems written by people who knew levy and the environment in which he worked. Johanthan Moore and Luther Jet are the exceptions to this, belonging to a younger generation that picked up some of levy's concerns and methods. Levy's legacy has wandered through visual poetry, the mail art network, street poets of various types, rogue academicians who realize the value of dense and muliti-layerd poems, and all sorts of unexpected underground and stratospheric channels. Following our offering of poems, we provide links to two sites run by people who have consciously carried levy's legacy forward in their own ways.

- Karl Young

Just Blue Skies: Poems For & After d.a.levy, 1968 - 2001 an electronic chapbook by t.l.kryss

once d.a.levy by Grace Butcher

d a levy by will inman

Riverboat satori for levy & wyatt by D.R. Wagner

for Adelaide Simon by rjs


an ode to d.a.levy by bill bissett

lines written a few hours before learning that d.a.levy had shot himself to death by Kent Taylor.

a love poem (for d.a.) by Kent Taylor

for d.a.levy and john cornillon by Kent Taylor

a belated touché for d.a.levy by Kent Taylor

Hymn to the West Side by Kent Taylor

bridge by Ingrid Swanberg.

in the dreamtime by Ingrid Swanberg.

Reaching Toward A Book of Omens by Karl Young.

Untitled lyric by Russell Salamon

for d.a.levy by Jonathan Moore

homage for d.a.levy by Luther Jett


deep cleveland junkmail oracle

sometimes city

Encyclopedia of Cleveland History - The entry for levy is, predictably, inacurate and something of a joke. However, such items as maps and the city's time line may be useful to readers.

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