Michael McClure Symposium
Margins, March 1975

5. John Jacob: "A Surge: the Michael McClure Symposium
6. Eric Mottram: "The Romantic Politics of the Body in Michael McClure
12. John Jacob: "Muscled Apple Swift"
16. Robert Peters: "The Poem as Spirit-Meat or Michael McClure's Corpus of Poems are Delecti"
20. Rich Mangelsdorf: "A Consideration of Michael McClure's Meat Science Essays"
21. Allen Van Newkirk: "The Protein Grail"
23. Francis Crick: "The Poetry of Michael McClure: A 'Scientist's View"
24. Michael McClure: "Peyote Poem"
24. Mick McAllister: "Cells from the Body of Silence: Michael McClure and American Indian Poetry"
26. Al Glover: "Let Us Be Meat to Nourish Each Other, That We All May Grow"
27. Anne Waldman: "Organism: Notes"
27. Steve Sanfield: "On McClure's September Blackberries"
28. David Gitin: "A Note on McClure's 'Xes' "
29. David Southern: "On McClure's Rare Angel"
30. Checklist, McClure Exhibition, Brazos Bookstore
32. J. Pyros: "On the Short Plays of McClure"
33. Stewart Brand: "Michael McClure's 'Gorf '"
35. Gordon C.A. Craig: "So, You're Gonna Read to Tuffy, Are You?"
36. Steven Sanfield: "Good Medicine"
36. Michael McClure: "The Cricket Sighs"
37. Michael McClure: "Note"
38. John Jacob: "Michael McClure: Another Side"
39. Sterling Bunnell: "Mercurial and Alive"
39. Al Arnowitz: "The Poet"
40. Robert Creeley: "For Michael"
41. Stan Brakhage: "A Solid Moving Thru an Inferno"
41. Michael McClure: "El Cerro Es Nuestro!"
42. Charles Olson: "/Wash.'s birth: a CHOCK"
44. Robert Wilson: "Michael McClure"
44. Michael McClure: "Letter to Robert Wilson"
45. Michael McClure: "Letter to Marshall Clements & Bob Wilson", "Letter to Marshall Clements & Bob Wilson"
46. K.C. Power: "Wolf Rimbaud Snow-Leopard Harlow Blossom Frick Star Pollock Angel Odum Meat Michael McClure"
47. Charles Olson: "Letter to Michael McClure - A Pretty Serious Poem"
52. Notes on Symposiasts
52. Acknowledgements
70. Karl Young: A Note on Symposiums

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