Georigics - Cotton
Artist's Book by David W. Seaman

The pages presented here are from one of two sets of Artist's books: Georgics - Cotton and Georgics - Tobacco

The poem Gerorgic by the Latin poet Vergil is an appology for agriculture. . . The title etymology - earth (geos) and labor (ergon) - was surely lost on those who named the American colony Georgia. Yet the source of the word has lain dormant like fallow lands, and it is called up here for this book.

My series of chiseled hypergraphic photographs portray aspects of the state of Georgia, viewed with Vergil's poem in mind. Rural life in the American south differs from Vergil's Italy . . . yet the spirit resonates, with native American mythology and the experience of a civil war underlying the soil and climate that produce this agriculture.

- David W. Seaman, from the Artist's Introduction

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