Part I

1. Introduction: Remembering to Forget

2. The Mechanical Revolution

3. Hysteria

4. Bastard in the Family: The Impact of Cubo-Futurist Book Art on Structural Linguistics

5. The Death and Resurrection of the Avant-Garde: Subjectivity and Photographic Imagery

6. Visual Poetry in Latin America

7. Seeing Power: The Politics of Visual Writing

8. Forgetting to Remember

Part II

9. The Image Speaks: George Myers' Alphabets Sublime

10. Untying the Not: Karl Kempton's Visual Writing

11. Guy R. Beining: Death of an Artist

12. Karl Young: Bibliophile As Biblioclast

13. Book Commits Suicide: Paul Zelevansky's The Case for the Burial of Ancestors

14. Review of The Flood, by Stephen-Paul Martin


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