Some of these pieces have been previously published. The author is grateful to the editors and presses below.

"Remembering to Forget" in Perspectives on Perception: Philosophy, Art, and Literature, ed. by Mary Ann Caws. New York: Peter Lang, 1989; "Hysteria" in American Imago: A Psychoanalytic Journal for Culture, Science and the Arts, 44: 1 (Spring, 1987); "Bastard in the Family: The Impact of Cubo-Futurist Book Art on Structural Linguistics" in Visible Language 25: 1 (Winter, 1991); "Visual Poetry in Latin America," in Innovations 1, Maple City, MI: Innovations Press, 1991; "Seeing Power: The Politics of Visual Writing," in Central Park, Vol. 14 (Fall, 1988); "Untying the Not: Karl Kempton's Visual Writing," in Access: A Journal of Post-Literature, #1(Summer, 1987); "The Image Speaks: George Myers' Alphabets Sublime" in Tempus Fugit, 35(Summer, 1987); "Book Commits Suicide: Paul Zelevansky's The Case for the Burial of Ancestors" in Afterimage, Vol. 15, #6(Jan., 1988); review of The Flood, by Stephen-Paul Martin, SCORE Review 13, Oakland: Score, 1989 (broadside).

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Light and Dust Mobile Anthology of Poetry