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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Trauma & Beauty

Well, regarding clarity and the lack thereof in Language, and
miscommunication and specialization:  Speaking (writing) with no hope of
being heard (understood) seems somewhat gratuitous, but a necessity at
times.  Speaking(wiriting) with a specific audience of specialists is a
condition which may not be met by this forum.  Speaking(writing) with
the sole intent of penetrating the fog of being that surrounds each of
us to set up the conditions for genuine dialogue requires patience and
the willingness to shed years of *education* and *teaching* and *study*
and, in Rilke's words a willingness to *change your life*.  I understand
the tediousness that the over-use of neologisms sets up for most readers
who are not specialists, and I have some disdain for this situation that
dominates academia (or is even a *condition* for academic
participation). I think the issue is who one is speaking with, and how
intent one is on setting up a balanced dialogue as a precondition for
the exchange of human energies as mediated by language...

Maybe a basic rule for either shouting alone in the darkness or for
speaking openly with the Other is to follow the advice of one Snorri
Sturlusson, the author of *The Prose Edda*, written on a small farm in
Iceland early in this Millineum, and use langauge to *name* our world,
and through that naming, bring the world into being -- the vivacity of
this being measured in the clarity of how others see it, not how
self-satisfied one can be in the naming itself...

Like, Strunk/White, well they defined a moment, but they also represent
a massive neologismic orgasm at the absolute end of British Empiricality
as expressed in Amurikan Academiatics...  A moment of history.  It seems
so desirable to want to have language to FREEZE into something that one
can hold like a tool, to wield in the fight to be understood in our
lonliness, but it is not possible.  Greased pig, grab it and fall on yer
face in the mud...



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