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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Trauma & Beauty


     the impact of my hand striking you the effect of my action is
always increasing
     through time like a ball rolling downhill gathering speed and the
myriad lands of
     cause and effect the inside of karma stretches before us and prayer
sprouts seeds
     of hope and hope is listened to in the halls of the heart.

     this way we look and that way is like a tree which we climb and
climb the higher
     the better looking to shine our light to enlighten each other and
we climb and climb
     towards virtue but we can never quite see the top because we are
spending virtue
     all along the way and the power of these acts grows all the time
and eclipses the
     true light of virtue which is never near.

     and never let grammar even language stand in the way it is finite
and simple look
     instead to the incalculable the truly amazing for your path these
constructs are all
     obfuscation(bullshit) and clairvoyance is passion is full.

     my high point to your low point is an antidote to my pride for I
can harbor no pride
     before the object of my refuge and I am skinny but tall and I lay
myself out
     prostrate and cover the ground between us and I gather virtue here
and store it
     away.my non-virtue is brimming into the light and the flowers are
smiling and
     benevolent and the trees are nodding their heads towards the light
and my tears
     cannot defile this living light. I must diffract my sight and break
it apart into all of its
     different facets and powers and sing my sight separating and
breaking into light and
     nodding towards the night.

     my prayer is a ripening fruit which one-pointedly I focus and I
bring down my love
     my voice upon you and my mind and my self are one now and they are
     and I say to search for the mind or the self is to never find it
and that trying is not
     the path to follow but accepting and embracing and everything which
you call truth
     is just mistaken and everything else is pure.


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