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Re: <eyebeam><blast> images as ecriture

Dear Yukiko,

I just returned from Hong Kong, and today I wired myself again.

I would like to answer briefly about your statement of technology as
communication. Ok. I agree that maybe the perikura is a kind of
communication toll in a first instance,  although I tried to think
technology in Japan in a broader context in relation with the structure
of Japanese society.

The most striking point about Japan is that it is almost a paradigmatic
case of how  Capitalist society is  functioning today. So this is why it
is almost a privilege as a researcher to live here,  and, on the other
hand, this is way it is so painful for the gendered and leftist body to
spend the rest of its life here.   No content is possible to find
between people, but, to put this in a crude way, only formal, empty,
surfaces are communicating and  exchanging  among themselves. Capital is
the only content, inequality of different sexes the most common mode of
living.  Everything is coded and ritualized to the point that only the
form of the relation counts and not its content.

In such a structure it is possible to hide even  better   taking a
prescribed form in the structure of the image. So what seems just a
simple commmunication tool is, from my point of view,  a very useful
form of taking  the prescribed idelogical form of acting, communicating,

Why I love Japan: because here you are thought that technology is no
innocent communication tool,or better to say,   that under the form of
an innocent communication technological tool is always waiting the
specter of ideology.


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