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Re: <eyebeam><blast> sex and violence as a political statement

Marina wrote:

> okasan are the women segregated from society, married with a ghost 
>husband  who is leaving early in the morning and coming late night. 
>Japane is the  unbalanced image and reality of hard-working salaryman 
>and long suffering wives on one hand, while on the other hand,  TV 
>images and magazines and movies glamorize constant doses of novelty 
>and pleasure.

Since Japanese society embraced technology as a second nature to the
body without fearing it,it is interesting to hear Marina's report on
Japanese culture not using the technology as an interpersonal welding
medium between the so called ghost husbands and the okasan .Which of
course is an occurance of familiar tragedy in the western civilisation
as well,even if it is manifested in different aspects(see the French
jovialty in using menage a trois and other extra marital affairs within
movie,litterature,theatre narratives as an inherant part of French
cultural behaviour).Still the Nuclear family in a French context is as
much hurt as the Japanese non interactive families when facing these
problems reported by Marina! Cultural relativity is still a treachourous
domain ,dangerous to forget  about!

> When one of the performer is vomiting blood directly in the 
>camera, as a break,an interval in the sex intercourse we have to ask
>ourselves as this is not the  most direct questioning of the litle by 
>litle taken process of desintegration,  in the sixties,  of   
>thousands of survived bodies, eradieted  by  the A-bomb in Japan.

This may be a strong visual delienation for the non underground audience
to get the desintegration message,however this is a film, and my
question would be where can the interactive net technology deliver such
a potent visual stimuli to get a message across without taping in the
pornographic jargon?I mean net potentials go beyond the
-watching,reacting(learning?) -interactivity of a film?!

> If the  structure
>of the Japanese society is all focused  in a process of mediatization 
>of formalised, nontransparent   structures of relationships, that are
>always representing something  else for somebody else, than the non
>mediated,  raw sexuality,  represented by Wakamatsu, is functioning 
>as a  clear political statement, and not as  pornography.
>Wakamatsu is obsessed with removing the facades of the Japanese 

Where can net technology intervene in deformalising,rending transparent
structured social morays that have rooted deep down into the modern
social psyche?Is what Marina described really pornography with political
statement and social commentary?If yes,could a voyeuristic visual
language be developped through the net technology that can both play as
a welding material for disrupted and broken cultural institutions? 

>Sex as a discourse, violence as statement, the body as space.

The net as discourse?Yes!
The net as a violent medium?
The net as a secondary body of interactivity for a moraly balanced space 
of reality and readabilty of transparancy?

Attila Sohar.

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