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Re: <eyebeam><blast> IO_DENCIES questioning urbanity

At 8:50 AM 98.3.30, Knowbotic Research wrote:
> IO_DENCIES explores the possibilities of intervening and acting in
> complex urban processes taking place in distributed and networked
> environments.

> IO_DENCIES challenges the potentials that
> digital technologies might offer towards connective, participatory
> models of planning processes and of public agency.

As one of the two curators who produced the IO_DENCIES Tokyo with
Knowbotic Research, I would like to say that this project is unique as
it tries to interconnect the physical urban situation(each locality) and
the virtual information flows(globality) by the notion of "tendencies,
or ten- (or tend-)densities." Here they have the totally new perspective
to the world, beyond divison of physical/virtual, public/private,
local/global, etc.

IO_DENCIES is an open project to raise the questions on urbanity, to
anybody who lives on the earth (especially in the city), but at the same
time it is not the project of urbanity. What is important for me at
IO_DENCIES is that it questions about the world system, and showing us
the shifting of the world as the flexible database, or from system-based
world view to communication-based one.

> IO_DENCIES creates a topological cut through the heterogeneous
> assemblage of physical spaces, data environments, urban imaginations,
> connective agencies and individual experiences, and forms a model for
> the complex way in which network topologies will have to be 
> questioned.

In this project, Internet takes very important role to show the world as
a flow or communications, which can be intervened by the people.

There are many layers what we could call "art" here(if we want); the
whole project including whole process of city research, analysation, and
making applets for the net based on the analysation, applets
interrelations, instalaltion space, etc. But the most important thing is
dynamic events or phenomenon happening in the dataspace realtime(=data
process), which nobody can see...(what we can see at the browser or at
the installation is just one of fragments of the phenomenon as output
from the dataspace)...can we say such invisible phenomenon as "art"?

Yukiko Shikata
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