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Re: Re: <eyebeam><blast> net criticism

Dear Brian,

I agree with you. But let me point out to a couple of possible
suggestions to add to a rereading of Adorno. 1. The unread in
Deleuze/Guattari, and by unread I mean the possibility of developing a
close reading against the grain of the fashion, or recuperating certain
specific points in their discourse that do not coincide with the
mainstream version (free floating desire coinciding with flows of
capital). And, closely associated with that 2. The possibility of
considering other readings of that tradition besides the
American-European one. Example: Ernesto Laclau's "Emancipations" and
even his writings on Radical Democracy -this last concept developed
through a close collaboration with Chantal Mouffe. Another example,
although it might be too soon to evaluate the possible
political/esthetic consequences of the text: Manuel de Landa's "Thousand
Years of Non-linear History". 

So, to summarize both using a deleuzian term, "minor" readings of the

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