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Re:<eyebeam><blast> localization/other

dear Olu,

thank you for your comments from 3/7 (I received the message on 3/21 and
am replying now). I enjoyed your words a lot, and agree with you about
"not accepting the stamp of marginality in cyberspace" and, of course,
anywhere. The situation of 'stamping' and 'being stamped' reveals power
and submission, and the one who submits (him)(her)self legitimates the
power of the other. Yes, unsubmissiom! I also agree with you when you
write "my point is that i am--we are--central", for I see in this small
sentence a lot of possibilities as it implies to concentrate and produce
power to promote a complete re-organization of space around me, around
us (it doesn't matter in which part of the world), in terms of both
micro and macro politics, psychology and geography, etc. You also write
"the goal of the true guerilla is to take power, and the one
significance of this ambition is that it is a recognition of the true
locale of power". I would like to ask: is power related to a specific
place or is it a possibility of precisely investing against the solidity
of the fixed "locale"? Because in contemporary world it has been
increasingly difficult to set up a precise spatial position for _power_;
at the same time (as you recognize) each one of us are becoming mobile
centers, moving continuously from place to place, carrying our
potentiality. So, power is inside and outside us, constituting a
continuum, not easy to deal with: "power" becomes "problem" - or
problematic. What do we need power for? For becoming mobile centers of
power (to gain conditions of existence as individuals)? For constituting
a solid powerful place and erease power as "problem" (stoping the
inside/outside flow)? Both Fidel and Deleuze set up their own guerillas,
but they succeed just because they had, at a certain moment at least,
made "power" into "problem", not "place".

I hope not having reduced your arguments, which I take with great


Ricardo Basbaum

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