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Re: Re:<eyebeam><blast> localization/other

A couple of further clarifications:

1. Borges wrote a lot not so much of the margins but about the shores
(las orillas). It is very hard to summarize what he understood by "the
shores, " he was referring to language, to the city of Buenos Aires and
to his place in Western tradition at the same time. He clearly define
that eccentric space as a central one, and this is the paradox of his
thinking that I tried to refer to in this discussion. So, when I write
margins, I mean a paradoxical position of cultural priviledge. I
understand that the word "margin" is very loaded, but I was pointing to
the way in which it is articulated in Borges' writings, and,
specifically, in the text that I discussed before, "The Argentine Writer
and Tradition".
2. This same use of ambiguity and paradox were deployed by Deleuze and
Guattari in their "Kafka." Again, for them an important writer is the
one who is able to make the mother tongue into a foreign language, as in
their opinion Kafka did with German. Here becoming minor also equals
being able to modify the canon.

All this to say that I can not follow Ricardo in his interpretation of
my  use of the word "margins," which, in my view, describes a position
closer to the one that Olu seems to be invested in articulating.

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