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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Fire

On Sat, 21 Mar 1998, Carlos Basualdo wrote:

> Right now there is a gigantic fire in the north of Brazil, close to
> Venezuela, that has already swallowed up 38,000 square kilometers, 1/3
> Is the net -are we- ready to do something about these kind of things?
> At least promoting solidarity, spreading the news, helping in any way? 



   the emerAgency is experimenting with a web practice--the 
--for witnessing such emergencies.  This witnessing is how 
  is to be focused
        recalling as a relay for art in the net
        the invention of theater as a new way to focus
        on the link between 
                individual foolishness and
            collective calamity
                = tragedy
              ATH (disaster)

  The method requires a COPERNICAN REVOLUTION     in consulting.
    Whatever the disciplinary knowledge applied to the FIRES
      by positivist consultants
   the premise is:  
                the consultant explains the fire.

 in the TESTIMONIAL     
        the FIRE explains the consultant.

    to acknowledge that utilitarian solutions to the 
       fire makes in the rainforest
the traumatic REAL that may be inferred from disaster
                tel quel
        and the hole/gap 
            the series or chain of signifiers (language)
          productive of the human subject
           (the trauma has 3 registers)
  The method is to juxtapose two kinds of information 
    in an ADVERTISING format:
        --documentation about the fire
        --documentation of a personal difficulty
    to produce one domain as a metaphor for the other

     in order to locate, discover, create a feeling
        of how things are 
        the attunement of the 3 holes

The WITNESSING effect is emergent, cumulative, via the interlinking
        of such  testimonies
  experimenting with the principle
        familiar to modern art and theory

for the emerAgency
Greg Ulmer
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