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RE: <eyebeam><blast> Art and Digital Practices

In responding to Simon Biggs:
Simonfriend, you say:
"Sadly, for me, whilst I hoped that Eye-Beam might supply some
alternative discourses that would interest me, this has not been the
case. I can see that some, especially those arguing the logistics and
socio-economic aspects of an information economy in the third world,
have gained something from eye-Beam this has not been the case for me
(not surprising, as I am a neo-bourgoise European ... although as an
ex-Australian I do feel "also" post-colonial)."

Though know what "European" means, am not quite sure about the meanings 
of "neo-bourgoise", "ex-Australian" or "post-colonial". We are talking,
though, aren't we, Simon? At least, I'm listening ... Only thing missing
is a pint or two of beer (or a cuppa) or why not? a  good straight shot
of mezcal (very recomendable to work one's way through the laberynths of
any friendly discussion).

Spent some 6 years in the UK (mainly in Devon, working the Beau Geste 
Press), commuting frecuently to A'dam and other parts of Europe. 'Twas
the Tedheathen dusk before the Thatcher darkness and E. Powell was going
strong. Bad times for Old England but good for Aussies (one of which,
Bob Hughes, made it in time for Time, good for him ... and for Phillipe 
Mora as well, why not?).
Sailed back to Mexico, settled with kids on coffee farm and ... and took
a good look at Europe: so much learned, SO MUCH TO RE-UNLEARN, only now
with possibilities to  choose and pick carefully. (It's about info):
1st step: HIDE (not destroy) every scrap of info (photos, letters, 
addresses, books & mags & clippings as well as OWN WORK).
2nd step: FORGET EVERYTHING COMPLETELY, friends, lovers, foes, art
history & theory, including English language (approx. 4 yrs)
3rd step: harvest, breed, listen to night-time stories, draw & paint & 
undraw & unpaint (learning computer allowed).
4th step: fall in love (preferably several times), NEVER EVER get a job 
(tenure is death, sentenced Dick Higgins once) and quit as soon as 
feasible if you do.
5th step: wait for another 20 yrs. to REMEMBER all.
6th step: There is no 6th step.
7th step: get a modem, talk to Simon.
Easy, Simon. Easy: can't think of anything more disapointing than
disapointment, which I suppose comes from expecting anything. Why expect
when one can hope? To expect is to be passive. To hope (even in fear) is

Felipe Ehrenberg
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