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<eyebeam><blast> Human and Computer

I can understand that many people have fear of losing the
real human contact through the rapid technical development of computer.
But I think, we human beings are society animals who are under the
influence of the society or the collective structures or systems (no
matter conscious or unconscious and no matter technological or
political) which is also similar to the net in which we are
communicating but just another structure and system. Actually we are not
really free under such structures and systems.
What is the potential of human beings and how far it can go? It is
difficult to get a satisfied answer. What we can do is to see and
thinking how our position in such structures and systems really is.
Computer just give us a possible modell to analyses some structure and
system problems which are not easy to be brought on paper directly. I
think, Computer is like other mass medias, is hard to be judged as good
or bad, human or unhuman. But the way how we get a deep thought in the
rapid developing structural society, needs the help of computer. As it
(computer) has been existing and will continue to influence our
thinking, wishing, feeling...etc. ,so that we also need the knowledge of
human science to observe and criticise the development of computer,
oppositely we also need the computer to challenge our traditional human
science and also traditional idea of art. The channels are plural!


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