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<eyebeam><blast> On Being a Replicant

She has always been interested in breaking the code.

At the age of ten or eleven she remembers having to trade rare weekends
with her father for time spent waiting for files to be converted-- from
media to another, one format for storage and retrieval to an-other. This

idea will come back to her later in life as a <strong> metaphor.

Her dis-interest in computing slowly yet suddenly transformed into an
obsession.  The computer itself re-presents that which she could not
in youth into the tool in which she now utilizes for communication and
expression as a young artist. The day her modem arrived in the mail is
day she began to take revenge on those silent days........ she is
much better now, thanks for asking.

She thinks about a quote which has floated though the datasphere for a
while now, "language is a virus..." Hmmmmmmm... those middle school
weekends at Carol's Keypunch Service, nothing but adults walking around
discussing Colbalt or ........ who knows? C wasn't even around yet.

The alienation she felt then only continued to linger and at some point
became her subject.

Tina LaPorta


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