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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Astronomical hindsight

Joel wrote:
>I dreamed that I could delete the pain out of my somatic program,  just

>as one uninstalls a computer program.
>When I woke up, I realized how cybernetic protocols were beginning to
>change my psyche, even before actual organic hardware has been
>It was desparation that cornered me and showed me, organically, the
>direction we will be traveling toward the future of ourselves.
Not a future but a present, at least for me...as an artist (or human
who has treated the computer as their primary means of being since the

I hear so much on this list (surprisingly..or perhaps not) that posits
human and the machine as opposites...as if the computer and the human

I simply do not see it this way! The computer is a natural extension of
that fundamental thing that makes us all human...that thing is called
language. Please remember your Turing!

The computer (and I will not go into detail here) is simply the the
form of linguistic development. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not
post-human, but essentially human, if we are to regard language (as
Foucault suggests) as paradigmatic of the human condition.

What more is to be said on this?

Simon Biggs
London GB


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