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<eyebeam><blast> vitruvius continues

vitruvius continues her Andalusian love dance

Encouraged by the enthusiastic cries of Raoul, 
her sultry accompanist, vitruvius enters the 
principal phase of her daring Andalusian dance 
of love. Placing the right hand on her hip, at 
the same time making sure to suck in the 
tummy, vitruvius commences a serpentine 
movement of the left arm, her brow by now 
deeply furrowed. A rapid stamping of feet 
ensues, by which vit rotates her entire body, 
followed by a similar, inverted movement 
using the other arm. The Andalusian love dance 
tells of a poor shepherd who, once infatuated 
by a beautiful but disdainful launderess, 
wanders broken-hearted among the distant, 
stony hills. Lured away from her village and 
abandoned to gypsies by an itinerant 
husbandman, the launderess remorsefully 
discovers the memory of her honest shepherd. 
The haunting phrases summoned from the guitar 
speak of the bitter disappointment of the 
love-lorn shepherd. vitruvius accelerates, her 
entire body beginning to sway from side to 
side, an impressionistic rendering of the 
characteristic movements and of the laundry, a 
flurry of flamboyant barefoot stomping and 

to be continued
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