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<eyebeam><blast> imagined (insect) community

How I am reading the eyebeam list:

        I learned it from John Cage reading Thoreau's journals
                the eye skimming, head swivelling, 
        like looking for mushrooms (you  have to know where they
like to be)

No matter if the posts themselves are not fragmented, random
        they may be read in this way...
                (MAY be; it is not a law).

I found some mushrooms, most delicate
        a parable perhaps about insects
        reminding me of the lesson of the termites
                who roll bits of dung around aimlessly
        until there are enough termites in action to start 
        bumping into  one another.
 the mound building begins.

        as for us...
  (artists, intellectuals, literati, electrati)
  in the middle ages we wrote in Latin by hand and post(?)
  in modernity we published in our respective vernaculars
        creating national idioms

Benedict Anderson, __Imagined Communities__, credits literature and 
journalism after it as creating the language required for maintaining
experience of nationhood.  

   and NOW?

   I will report on a (project?), exploring the possibilities of our 
new circumstances for imagining another relationship between person and 
        the emerAgency
 as an invitation

 for the emerAgency

Greg Ulmer
Gainesville/Miles City/Paris/Little Bighorn

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