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++++++++++++++SAGAS FROM SALINE CITY---------------------------via

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++One: PARTICIPANTS


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++1.Honey Percent 

Gender Status: Maleish/non specific.

Sexuality Alignment: Unquantified and unquantifiable. 

Description: Euro-White Boy complexion with teen-faced pepperings and
offwhite/blondish crop, smatterings of a kiddy-drawn Retro Fashion

Age Bracket: mid 20's/early 30's (approximate gravity pulling


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++2.Horri-Blee Toxic 

Gender Status: Male

Sexuality Alignment: Same Sex Preferencing evident but not concreted

Description: Olive skin base with multiple body scarring, naphthol blue
and swimmers physique

Age Bracket: Indeterminate; unnecessary 


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++3.Ms Good Girl

Gender status: Fag-hag labelled but prefers the term "androgynous"

Sexuality Alignment: Latent same sexuality leanings and acting out, but
prefers the term "straight"

Description: Wears lesbian camouflage (surgical-glove-tight-white bonds
army pants plus crew cuttish hair worn currently lava-shocking-red) but
prefers the term "radical"

Age Bracket: Definitely pushing the Late Teen Envelope


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4.Head Injury

Gender Status: Manly male

Sexuality Alignment: Opposite Sex Preference (vocally verified)

Description: Meshes 80's rugby private school boy flair with black
grunge -
baseball caps (Better Than a Transplant), black jag jeans, Pearl Jam
t-shirts. Intentionally Nondescript Face.

Age Bracket: 25 + 


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++5.Counsellor Causal

Gender Status: Definite female (blond bobbed referencing)

Sexuality Alignment: Straight (arrow variety) gender paired with
Electrode Paste

Description: Fashion Victim Status with perpetual updating behaviours,
moderately attractive - belongs to the vinyl dust jacket niche, small
neat overall appearance.

Age Bracket: Not specified (as she has a high I C R - see Appendix)


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++6.Electrode Paste

Gender Status: Maleish

Sexuality Alignment: Straight (nervous kind) gender paired with

Description: Tries hard to shake the goofy-midteen-look and mostly
Displays a Nervous Smiling Quality at strangers and in new situations,
acts overly assertive if cornered. Wears at least one black item at
(never during the day).

Age Bracket: Kingpin mid 20's.


NB: All variables included here are situationally dependent. Each
must be read in close reference to these variables and to the Appendix.
a. alcohol and/or illegal chemical
b. the need for an idyllic rescuer/seducer/hero worshipper and
relegation to
an EVS State (see
c. a healthy dose of libido - misplaced (s&m b&d or b l based) or just
d. displaying a professed and active version of Addictive Personality
Functioning (may include variable a and possibly
Three: SETTINGS ******************************************************
a. dance music
beats) played at an Exceedingly Loud
b. a smallish dark room with a tiled area demarcated as a "dancefloor"
"doof place"**
c. various surround settings that indicate a lack of adequate
and copious amounts of smoke machine
A generic E W B moves onto the dance floor. He is here in doof-spirit
and wants to be another groovier place with much less F V S and much
more E
L V. But he's here now. So he guesses (amongst all the S S P and I N F
that someone just marginally less groovier than he will turn up and
him off his nikes. Someone like that Ms Good Girl. She's a babe (BaBE
tImE). Even if she does hang round that try hard crowd…generic E W B
wonders y a BaBE would bother.
But he doesn't really wonder too much. I mean, y on doof earth would he?
Instead he decides to sniff-snuff out a bit of rush. He's seen
Horri-Blee by
the door when he came in and knows that he could score (heheheheh score
HB? Damn poop-tooting…but only if he lets him flash his scars
first…condition of sale for him…ritual thing E W B thinks). This E W B
doesn't know if he's up to scoping scar tissue in order to get
is not a fly-by-high nite; is a more mellow calling.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………….*scoping big*….
There! Counsellor Causal is standing by the speaker lite, and where she
Electrode can't be far behind…yup over there near cLoUdroOm oNE (E W B
thinks maybe he should just go in there and crash till the homie crowd
active and he won't feel so alone but nah - not now anyway). L8TR.
and Lectrode beams back his N S Q that is really fukkin annoying unless
want him to shine its E W B starts walking towards the Counsellor,
to attract Electrode's stare…he winks e-drenched red eyed stare on u… 
They chat together for a nanosec then Lectrode moves towards the D S P.
E W B slopes off towards roOm oNE (he's discrete enuff not to follow
Lectrode straight away) but gets bumrushed onto the floor by another E W
with obvious S S P. 
Generic E W B isn't clued enuff to just play along and grindgroove till
mix is up - instead he thinks about some biff and turns to sock the homo
one. Homo E W B is horrified at his mistake and jing-jangles off to
with his own fag hag, so generic E W B lets his biffo impulse stop and
stomps his dancing way into the roOm.
Whoo-hoo! She always makes an entrance - amid the B T T 30ish crowd she
stand out bIG TiMe, they always think she's either a leso or just a
butchgrrl. Little do they no. They have null fashion sense (or so she
anyway - does Ms Good Girl - 
R F V's the lot of em).
This time she swarms in among her minions - she spots a fawner E W B
always eyes her - and Head Injury pants at her side with his O S P
practically hangin out, its so DaMn obvious, y can't he just get over
It's just not iN at aLL…Horri-Blee struts his posing way nearby (his
flicks are too much but hey, she lets him get away with it - his scarred
flesh compensates). He hasta check out plastic surgery. She's been
him for a while now, but he just carries on with some philosophical b/s
about dichotomies of attractiveness and scarring being the flipside of
healing etc etc blah blah blah…as IF she hasn't already guessed! Sheesh!
mean, she's not stoopid, just carefully ignorant. It's the trend, after
And he's prolly just poor anyway.
She needs a drink. Or two. Maybe three (now that she actually thinks
it, a black 'bucca shot with 2 stoli chasers - one lime, one acid -
kewl). Just to pass the time. Till Honey makes HiS entrance (should be
and she needs to see him if nothin else - her A P F is acting up
She hasn't seen him in ages. The last time she made a complete pathetic
to get his gear off and lost ALoT of cred…and thinks tonite she'll have
make up serious face value. Drinkies should make her b l rage.
Making her menandering way across the floor she sees Lectrode groping a
gothbimbo type as she grabs frantically inside his shirt. Jeez. Lect is
soooo unsubtle. Lucky CC isn't round (Ms Good Girl knows coz she tried
email her tonite and just got dustbox). The ol' Counsellor bedda watch
bee-hind or she'll make it into E V S soon enuff. Maybe she should blow
Lectrode's cover. Call his bluff. Milk him for all he's got. Then again,
G isn't into blackmail…storage is soo much better than usage J Neva no
it'll come in handy. And considering Lect is practically Honey Percent's
best buddypal she'll file this away for future refs instead.
DOOF DOOF DOOF …*BAM!*…doof DOOF doof 
…arr the sounds of Honey Percent as he strides onto the floor…he'll only
dance to topqual doof, none of this E W B/ L T E/ R F V/ E V S "ooh I'll
dance to woteva they play coz i no they'll play good mix i tOLd them
won't waste his time on it for a sec. Only topqual bassbeat, yeah?.
Otherwise wot's the point man?
He gets a rush, not speedfreak like but more like trance mile highish
feelings…this is wot its like when the music hits your chest, yeah?…doof
pumping into corners into bodies into cortexes…zat a word? Have to ask
Horri-Blee, he'll know for sure man.
Honey gave up chemicals years ago. Its not that he doesn't approve, its
that he doesn't need em anymore. He's got his brain wired to give him
all he
wants. Even sex can't do that for u. Not like this. Not when u reach
beat man. Give me E L V now! 
No actually that last part is a lie. Sex CaN do that for u. If its rite.
when was the last time he had that chance? Too freakin long ago - with
someone that mattered, yeah. Too rite man. 
Doesn't matter anyway..not when u can have doof, on tap, whizz-banging
muscles and shit, making hot n heavy power smoke injesting into organs
breathing hard and groove moveing *hop step shuffle* *hands in air palms
down one fist to the side* like hardbeat heaven, yeah? Yeah man. All u
need man.
Abbreviations used (in order of contextual appearance)
E W B - euro white boy
R F V - retro fashion victim
S S P - same sex preferencing
L T E - late teen envelope
O S P - opposite sex preference
B T T - better than a transplant
I N F - intentionally nondescript face
F V S - fashion victim status
I C R - incidental character rating
N S Q - nervous smiling quality
E V S - eternal victim status
A P F - addictive personality functioning
E L V - exceedingly loud volume
s&m - sado-masochism
b&d - bondage and discipline
b l - bloodlust
BaBE - beautiful adequate buxom elf
L8TR - later
D S P - designated swapping place
biff - boyish impulse for fighting
b/s - bullshit
dustbox - empty email account

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