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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Vertical Invasion

Craig Brozefsky <craig@onshore.com> writes:

>Agreed.  I find that jodi.org illustrates a different relationship to
>the code, protocols and systematic accretions that make up our online
>experience, than say, "true hackers" do.

I'm getting romantic here, but I would say that jodi are in search of
the truth or, rather, for a way to understand the net that is true
rather than false. So it's not truth in the scientific sense in that it
is a proof but the old-fashioned German Romantic "I'm going to take a
peek over the edge of the abyss" truth.

The motivations of hackers are complex and personal and difficult to
define and so my attention is drawn to sort-of-hackers, like jodi or
someone like Mark Pesce, with his gay, lapsed catholic and spiritual
rationalization for VRML. There's a crusade in this kind of work, not
found in those who run the cultural edutainment industry.

Perhaps it's just plain old passion that will fuel the forest fire?

Mark William Christopher Watkins <mwat@sprintmail.com> writes:

> I believe you are describing "z", understood in some programs
>as opposed to x (left and right, horizontal) and y (up and down,
>This dimension does seem relatively unexplored by artistic intervention,
>chiefly on the net. The manner in which the first splatter paintings
>resisted the notion of depth seems equivalent to your Picasso example.

I've been trying to comprehend "z" and GIS (= geographic information
system) lately. I wish there was more discussion of it here since I'm
having trouble wrapping my x-y mind around it in any productive way
(lots of unproductive activity always).

Or is the discussion hear mainly about this "z" world we have trouble
plotting on our grid?

My imagination leaps from "Les Demoiselles" to Pollock and then on to
the net where I think there is a spiritual/psychological dimension that
might also be "z" but could just as well be something else depending on
your location.

I'll pick up again on Steinberg's "The Philosophical Brothel" at some
point. I have to read it again. I've tiled an image of Les Demoiselles
filched from the MoMA site on my desktop and my mundane daily routines
are now in the brothel space. I don't know yet if I'm the missing
medical student holding the skull or the drunk sailor.

Robbin Murphy
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