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Re: <eyebeam><blast> syncretism

The posts are flowing
        they provide cues, to compensate for my increasing uncertainty:
                                what is happening (not just here)?

  English, is that my language?
        I went to graduate school in comparative literature, even though 
I am a  
        (raised in Montana)
   my peers proved to be bi and tri lingual.
        "how did you become fluent in so many languages?" I asked
        the answer was:  
        "our parents, grandparents, spoke these 
languages.  Didn't any of your relatives speak any other languages
around you when you were growing up?"
        After some time I did recall that other language, spoken by my
relatives from North Dakota, always around Christmas time, exclusively
to tell secrets about one another's gifts:  
                P I G   L A T I N.
        I speak good pig latin also

English streams out around the world, the language of business, but even
moreso or because it is the language of science (95% of the world's
science is published in English).  
        Language, a dialect with an army (Cage).

                the grounding is English. USA sends science.
        at the same time, in this export import business.
the artists import the Black Atlantic (shorthand).
        the processes are ancient:
        pidginization, creole, syncretism.

        My question concerns these states of mind that USA imports, has
imported.  I know the states of mind that we export, whether anyone
wants them or not.  Most of them were named by Germans, even if not
onesfrom North Dakota, and even if not always using German words, or
German experience.
(to  take  them in reverse chronology).

        I know these states of mind from the inside.
        My students express them in their mystories.
        these are the names of alienation.
Who will tell me about the imports, the backflow, the instreaming, not
exotica but trade.  SAUDADE, it does travel, but syncretically I tell
you, out of place 

for the emerAgency
 ood-gay aye-bay
Greg Ulmer

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