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<eyebeam><blast> Wlcm

n bhlf f bm tlr, th X rt  Fndtn, nd r Frm hsts,
wld lk t wlcm vrn t "rtstc Prctc n th Ntwrk."

Thr r mn chllngs  n strctrng mlt-rgnl dlg
sch s ths n. W r mng nt  fr smpl plrlt r n
vrrchng cncrt f ntns, bt  fr cmplx lcl/glbl
rtcltns. W hp t mphsz hw dslctng vrtlts -- whch
ftn sm t cmpl s t bndn  mn f th cmplctns f
mbdmnt nd plc -- wrk t   rpstn r rltnshp t lclt
nd hstr. t th sm tm, w hp t mphsz hw cltrl
spcfct nfrms th ntwrk nd ts dslctns. Wth ths n
mnd, s w prcd, w ncrg t wv r lcl sttn nt th cnvrstns.

W r dlghtd tht hv jnd s nd w r vr mch
 lkng frwrd t r prtcptn.

crtcl frm fr rtstc prctc n th ntwrk txts r th
prprt f ndvdl thrs t nsbscrb, snd ml t
bmlst.thng.nt wth th fllwng sngl ln n th mssg bd:
nsbscrb bm-lst
nfrmtn nd rchv thttp://www.bm.rg
bm tlr/X rt Fndtn http://www.blst.rg

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