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v i b e k e   j e n s e n : s i t e   I N V E S T I G A T I O N
Trondheim Courthouse, Public Library, DORA 1
Kultimathule, Trondheim, Norway 2009

  stills from 4 channel video projection Equations (History Repeats Itself)

- MOTminne COUNTER memory = FORtids MINNE past time memory/Cultural Heritage + FORDOM PREJUDICE
= IDentitet KONTROLL IDentity CONTROL (approximate translation)

The four-channel video Equations is based on still photographs exhumed from national and city archives. The material ranges
from historical portraits of criminals, photographs of past penal instruments and institutions, WW2 newspapers and citizen ID
cards to documentation of recent street riots. The still images appear in series of four. The viewer is allowed a few seconds
scrutiny before the pictures are blocked out by legal and everyday terms and classifications of people, places and acts. Then
the images slowly fade away in front of our eyes. The constant presentation of new events, places and faces, their immediate
labeling and inevitable disappearance resemble the processes that take place in the street, in the media and in our minds.
The labeling words appear over similar and dissimilar images. The word/image constellations question how our use of language
contributes to change, unity or division, exclusion or inclusion in our urban environment. The changing sequence of the 4
equation marks suggests logical arguments or a semiotician gone mad... The video is projected inside the bunker during a
public meeting concerned with crime, fear and who has the right to the public space.