Rabinal Achi / ZapatistaPortAction

Hobtoh Rabinal-Rahaual, Chief Five-Rains, speaks:

Valiant   Warlike!       Cavek Quichí Vinak!    Iiikiiiiiikikikiki  
Quichí Vinak!
thanks to sky thanks to earth
you've just arrived
at the great walls
at the great fortress
over which I throw
my hands
over which I throw
my shadow.
I    the grandfather     Chief Five-Rains.

OK   Tell us   open your mouth     let's hear
why you make like coyote,     weasel,    fox
through the great walls
through the great fortress
to call to attract
my white children
my white sons
to call   to attract
to the great walls
to the great fortress
          in the corn-city    Iximche
to ferret out
to get your fingers on
The yellow honey
the green honey of bees
my food for me the grandfather
Great Chief Five-Rains?

You were the one who got the nine       the ten white children
and it's a miracle they weren't dragged off
to the Quichí mountains
to the Quichí valleys
          if my valiance if my bravura
          v'oyeualal     v'achihilal
          Galei-Achí   Rabinal-Achí
hadn't been there on guard

And you destroyed
two three great cities
cities with moats

In Hidden-Buzzard   Balanvac
where feet stamp the ground with great noise
in Calcaraxah Cunu Gozibal-Tagah-Tulul

Well how long are you going to be hung up
by the lust of your heart your valiance your bravura?

How long are they going to block you
and keep you rampaging here?

Quichí-Achí speaks:

Cala-Achí! Ha! Aha! Yeha! Ahau! Wow! Achí!

                    I:  Quiché-Achí  Balam-Achí    Balam-
Quiché   Rahaual- Quichí-Vinak

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kiiiiiiiii kikikikikikiki Quichí-Vinak

                    to you:   Hobtoh Rabinal-Rahaual, Great Chief Five-Rains:

You've said to me:
'Kiss your mountains good-bye
and your valleys
because you're going to die in this place
to disappear in this place
we'll cut your vine here your trunk
we'll cut your lineage here
here under sky
here on the earth."

I don't give a damn for your words
you go to hell with your orders
to the sky-face here
to the earth-face.
Because of what I want in my heart.
And if I have to die here
if I really have to disappear in this place
then this is what I've got for you
in your teeth
in your face:

Since you're so rich here
since you don't know what to do with all you've got
in the great walls
in the great fortress
I'll borrow your food
I'll have a go at your drinks
those cool drinks called Ixtatzunin
those twelve drinks
those twelve stoning liquors

sweet     fresh     jubilant  lip-smacking
you drink before you sleep
in the great walls
in the great fortress

and also
the marvels of my Mother
the marvels of my Lady.
I'll try them out just once
as a sort of signal of my death

to mark my disappearance under sky and on the earth.
May sky
and earth
be with you
               Hobtoh Rabinal-Rahaual!