Rabinal Achi / ZapatistaPortAction

Hobtoh Rabinal-Rahaual, Chief Five-Rains, speaks for the second time:

Valiant   Warlike!       Cavek iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kiiiiiiiii kikikiki  
Quichí Vinak:

This is what you say to the sky-face here
to the earth-face:
'Give me your food, your drinks
As a sort of signal of my death
to mark my disappearance"

OK fine.
Here they are take them
here they are I'm lending them.

Men  Girls     Get my food and drink!
Give them to this Valiant     this Achí    Cavek Quichí-
as a supreme signal of his death
and of his disappearance
here under sky
here on the earth.

A Servant: (bringing a low table with food and drinks)

Yessir!   My Chief  My Governor!
I'm giving them to this Valiant    this Achí    Cavek Quichí-
Try a little of the food      of the drink
     of my Chief    my Governor    grandfather    Chief Five-Rains
in the great walls
in the great fortress
in which he lives enclosed.

Quichí-Achí eats and drinks disdainfully, then dances in the midst of the court, then returns and speaks for the Third time:

Ha! Aha! Yeha! Ahau! Wow! Achí!

                    I:   Quichí-Achí

                    to you:   Hobtoh Rabinal-Rahaual, Great Chief Five-Rains:

Hey call this food? Call this drink?

Are these your groaning dishes
your overflow of drinks?

Quichí-Achí speaks again pointing to his bowl

Hey but this skull right here
is my grandfather's skull!
This skull right here
is my father's skull!

Right?    Couldn't you do the same
with my head's bones?
with my skull's bones?
chisel my mouth?
engrave my face?
Then when they quit my mountains
then when they quit my valleys
to push five loads of cacao-coin
to push five loads of cacao-liquor
from my mountains
from my valleys
my sons
my children can say
Hey this is grandpappy's skull!
hey this is our old man's skull!
and sing all day long!

And here's my arm-bone
for a silver gourd's handle
to sound and thunder
in the great walls
in the great fortress
And here's my leg-bone
hey that's a great drumstick
for the big drum
for the little drum
the sky can throb to
the earth can throb to
in the great walls
in the great fortress!