Why Is This Deer Running Out of Dr. Fulmer's office?


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Well, let's start by giving a few reasons why it's not:

It is not running from the dentist's drill.

It is not trying to escape paying the dentist's bill.

It is not one of Dr. Fulmer's patients. (If you're looking for a dentist for your pets or livestock, this isn't the place to take them.)

Although Dr. Fulmer and a number of other local dentists use the second floor of the building for dental seminars, this young doe has not been offended by the "stag" videos the dentists' wives suspect them of watching.

This is not an out-take of a rehearsal for Bambi Meets Godzilla, jettisoned when the film was made into a cartoon.

This is not part of a lost episode of the X Files. But if you'd like to suggest an answer, let us know, and if it's interesting enough, we'll add it to the list at this web site.

Here's the real story:

On the morning May 27, 1997, the deer lost its way and wandered into the city. Roosevelt Road, with its succession of shops and houses, must have been terrifying to the deer. Trees flourish in front of the natural brick office building, and the spacious window in front of the dentist's chair reflects them, making it appear that there are more. At 9:45 a.m., the deer apparently thought the window was a way out of the urban environment and ran toward the green. Crashing through the window, the deer landed in the lap of a patient. Marry Ann Adamson, the hygienist, had the presence of mind to enclose the deer in the waiting room until the Fire Department determined that they could safely release it onto the street. The patient was not seriously injured, though he, like everyone else involved, came out of the situation with a great story to tell for the rest of their lives.

It's hard not to tell a good story, and that's one of the reasons we're telling it at this web site.

We also think it may have some value for Dr. Fulmer's patients. If you're nervous about dentistry, be assured that the most improbable of accidents has already happened, and won't happen again. Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice.

At the time the deer jumped through the window, the office was run by Dr. Fulmer's cousin, Dr. Richard Adamson. The building has been occupied by family members working as dentists for over 70 years. Although the staff has changed, they still can handle any situation that comes up. Had it not been for their presence of mind at the time of the accident, people, and the deer, could have been seriously injured.

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