Dental Patient Run Over By Deer

Jack Schiesl was a little sore when he left the dentist's office Tuesday, but not for the usual reasons.

Schiesl was in the patient's chair, waiting for Dr. Richard Adamson to come to return to complete a filling, when a deer crashed through a window and knocked Schiesl off the chair.

The incident occurred at 9:45 a.m. at 2909 Roosevelt Road.

Schiesl said he had his eyes closed when he heard the glass break.

"I thought at first it was a car," he said. "I didn't see the deer. It hit me right in the face and knocked me cuckoo for a few seconds. It went over the top of the chair, and knocked it over."

Schiesl landed in a hallway. The deer went through the hallway and into the waiting room.

The hygienist closed the door, trapping the deer.

"I panicked, but I had the presence of mind to close the door to the waiting room and call 911," said Mary Ann Adamson, the hygienist and the dentist's wife. The room's other door was closed.

The deer, apparently cut from the broken window, splashed blood over the furniture, carpeting, chairs, and children's books and toys while wrecking the waiting room. Blood covered two walls and the ceiling at one corner of the room.

Police officials said the animal was not severely injured. When the front door was opened by a firefighter, and the deer escaped along Roosevelt Road.

"Thank heavens no one was in the waiting room," said Richard Adamson. "We usually have three or four children on the floor with coloring books."

Schiesl, 68, 5316 45th St., had a cut nose and bruised back from the incident. He declined an emergency room visit. The filling in his tooth wasn't finished, he said.

Schiesl said he had arranged for an unrelated medical visit later on. "But I don't know if I want to go to it," he joked.

He was shaken but still in good spirits as he and Mary Ann Adamson walked back and forth on the sidewalk after the incident.

"Why do you think the deer went through the window?" She asked him.

"Because I'm an outdoorsman," Schiesl said. He suggested that the deer might have been seeking revenge for his 56 years of hunting.

Beth Goeppinger, Bong State Recreation Area naturalist, said the deer might have been a yearling that was kicked out of the nest to make room for newborns.

"It probably was looking for new territory and was scared," she said. "Windows reflect trees, and it probably looked like as escape route. This happens a lot with birds."

- John Krerowicz
writing in The Kenosha News



Dental office personnel assist Jack Schiesel outside the office after the deer landed in his lap, Ms. Adamson enclosed the deer in the waiting room, and a Fire Fighter released it.



A Brush With Nature:
Deer Drills Its Way Into Dentist's Office

KENOSHA (AP) - Would you rather be trampled by a deer or go under the dentist's drill?

Jack Schiesl experienced both Tuesday when a deer crashed through the window of the dental office, ran into the dentist's chair and knocked the chair and Schiesl to the floor.

"I was relaxing. I had my eyes closed when the deer jumped in," said Schiesl, 68, who was in the chair to get a cavity filled.

As the deer ran to the adjacent waiting room, dental hygienist Mary Ann Adamson, the wife of Dr. Richard Adamson, heard the commotion and went to check on it.

"I saw the patient on the floor. I thought a piece of equipment had fallen," she said.

When she realized what had happened, she closed the door on the deer.

"We slid the desk in front of the door and dialed 911," she said. Firefighters later opened the door, and the animal bounded out and disappeared into the neighborhood. In the waiting room, it left tables and chairs broken, and magazines and books strewn around.

- Associated Press




A firefighter looks in through the window broken by the deer.