The Postponed Event/El Evento Suspendido
Performance | 2000

For this performance, I was buried in a vertical position up to my chest in Cuban soil in the yard outside the gallery for three hours, beginning at dusk. During that time I wrote the same letter (in Spanish) over and over, leaving the copies out for members of the audience to take if they wished. The letter read:

My dear ones,
I am writing this letter to tell you that I am alive. For many years I feared that if I told the truth you would suffer at the hands of those who buried another woman in my name. I can no longer stand not being able to tell you that I exist. Not a day has passed without my dreaming of you. Fortunately I can say that I recovered from the ordeal that resulted in my departure. I will send more news soon.

With love, C.

Para este performance estuve enterrada verticalmente hasta mi pecho en la tierra cubana, en el jardín de la galeria por tres horas, comenzando al atardecer. Durante esas hora, repetia la misma carta, y dejaba las copias para los espectadores. La carta decia:

Mis seres queridos.
Les escribo esta carta para decirles que estoy viva. Por muchos annos temia que si revelara la verdad, les harian sufrir los que enterraron a otra mujer en nombre mio. Yo no aguanto el no poder decir que existo. No ha pasado ni un dia sin que suene con ustedes. Afortunadamente puedo decir que me recupere del calvario que culmino con mi partida. Prontpo les enviare mas noticias.

Carinos, C.