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Viktor A.Mazin (
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 19:55:51 +0400

Clifford Duffy wrote at 27.07.97 21:52:

> If I recall righly Sh. suffered over his powers of memory?

Sh. even tried to cover the next to the last level of his
memory by intransparent imaginary cotton. But it was
useless:letters and formulas showed through the 'screen'.

By the way, Sh. could see the colour of
articulated words (another archaic ability
of his mind). Probably, if we speak
to each other in the Blast we organize
colourful space in which vitruvii (from the post of
Angus Trumble at 29.07.97) needs.
Following vitruvii's request (or Vitruvius
format) we create home-affect (J.C. 10.07.97):
multiple layers of stories filled with metaphores.
The Unheimlich (Freud via G.Ul. 29.07.97) happened
to be-out-come of home-affect. Sandy-man throws
his sand to users tired eyes. Fear hath a hundred

>"differnce and similarity between readable and visible
world". **** Would you elaborate more on this ?? (CD
27.07.97). Sure, but I need certain time to articulate it.
Now, I could refer to J.-F.Lyotard. Discour, Fugure.
(Editions Klincksiek, Paris, 1985) and Bracha
Lichtenberg Ettinger post (28.07.97. Word Wearing).