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Salzburger Museum Carolino Augusteum, Salzburg 2005: an/sammlung an/denken
Österreichisches Museum für Volkskunde, Vienna 2005: an/sammlung an/denken
100 x 100 cm, duraflex mounted between plexi and aluminum   2003/05

...Placed on the opaque
canvas, these folds, cords or
springs represent an innate
form of knowledge, but when
solicited by matter they move
into action.

Gilles Deleuze, The Fold

In a house filled with wrapped and stacked belongings, I found a collection of empty soup bags. They made me contemplate the significance of the wrapping rather than the content: the processes of folding and unfolding, covering and uncovering - how objects turn into memories, value into obsolescence.

A series of macro photographs depict the paper wrappings. Scrutinizing the texture of the fragile, deteriorating protectors of things too dear or valuable to be thrown away, imagining the hands carefully folding, wrapping, turning, employing and tightening the string.
The gesture of a gift, someone curiously unwrapping to find a treasure, a memory, a witness of another time.

The photographs are transported in a wooden crate that is also exhibited. The empty crate contains an interactive sound track playing the opening of drawers and unwrapping of boxes when someone peaks inside.

Office for Contemporary Art Norway, international support program generously supported the exhibitions.