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installation view, spy mirror

installation view, Control Console

Art that sees you
...In Vibeke Jensen's exhibition MIRROR_SCOPE, the public can both see and be seen...
A large mirror is mounted at the end of the space... Behind the mirror is a video
monitor where you can watch office workers, bums, prostitutes and criminals on 38th
Street in New York... A sensor triggers a video camera while you watch the video and
the public behind the mirror. Suddenly your own image is projected for a few seconds.
You meet your own peeping... You have the feeling of being caught in the act, but even
so, you have the narcissistic fascination of seeing yourself, almost like in a movie...
- Anne Kristin Frøystad, Bergens Avisen

Look and be surveilled
...[MIRROR_SCOPE] stimulates curiosity and desire to act as a Peeping Tom - and it
frightens, reminding you that you might be watched and surveilled when you least expect it...
- Sissel Hamra Dagsland, Bergens Tidene
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