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C A M E R A   O B S C U R A  
in italiano
Galeria Santa Fe, installation view
C A M E R A  O B S C U R A  is a live installation by artist Vibeke Jensen in collaboration with Italian theater director
Orietta Crispino. Latest shown in a solo exhibition at Galeria Santa Fe, Bogota, Colombia, December 2003.

C A M E R A  O B S C U R A  started as a collaboration between an eye and a wounded body. With the camera in one hand,
and a light in the other, the body was portrayed as a container of memory, identity and history of which its surface carries
ever changing signs and evidence. The wall was investigated using the same tools. A witness of human action with its own
cracks and scars; layers of peeled off paint, a long gone nail, wear and tear.
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