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v i b e k e   j e n s e n : b l i n d _ s p o t
Priska C. Juschka Fine Art: No, Trespassing, New York, 2003

Entering blind_spot opening night
The fact that totalitarian
fantasies of surveillance,
dreaming of complete transparency,
have also to observe themselves,
thereby rendering themselves opaque,
is an irony and paradox.
- Christian Katti, CTRL [SPACE ]

blind_spot refers to the impossibility of total vision or the panoptic gaze.
It deals with the process of seeing and being seen.

blind_spot consists of a hollow column entered through a disguised door. A tall and narrow space, reminiscent
of a child's hiding place, where you barely fit. A secret peeking booth for observing others without their knowing,
where you hold your breath not to be discovered. One side of the column consists of a see-thru mirror which is
opaque from the outside, and transparent from the inside. A surveillance camera looking down inside the column
is transmitting to a closed circuit monitor situated outside the column. Since the monitor is not visible from inside
the column, the person in the column can not see if anyone is observing her. The view from above mimics the
divine, omnipresent eye.

My warmest thanks go to the Royal Norwegian Consulate General and Mark Sarosi who's generous support
made this project possible. Thanks also to Christiania Vodka USA for supporting the opening.