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Mutual Recording_the Archive, cooperating r.d., basis-wien, November 2002

A collaborative project between Austrian artist Ricarda Denzer [r.d.] and Vibeke Jensen [VJ].
An archive about an archive, exhibited in an archive (basis-wien).
Conversations between VJ and r.d. concerning archiving sitting by r.d.'s "mountain" of boxes (her unresolved archive), and at her teen hangout. r.d. records their conversations while VJ portrays r.d. and her surroundings through the pinhole of her Illy's coffee can and a Hasselblad with extension bellows.
The Archive consists of 3 boxes, one inside the other; mailed from New York to Vienna.
Boxes and packaging are equal parts of the project, and may be arranged and explored in any desirable fashion.
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