Web Performer 2.0
Ursula Endlicher

Web Performer 2.0 (WP2.0) is a World Wide Web performance.

It is an ever engaging continuous play of constantly changing flow of information on the World Wide Web.

The performance starts with six suggested query strings, which represent the "characters" in the play. The user can change the performance at any time by typing in a new query string into the input field.

The search requests submitted by the user are forwarded to search engines. The returned search results are displayed as images in a window assigned to each character.

All "characters" are defined by their actual representation on the World Wide Web.

WP2.0 is written with javascript and css.
It requires Netscape 4.06+ or IE4+.

Web Performer 1.0 has previously been shown at The Thing/New York at http://bbs.thing.net and was featured by WNET/Channel13/New York at http://www.wnet.org/reelnewyorkweb/index.html