Conference: Saturday March 25, 2000 "Stubborn Practices" in the Age of Information and Biotechnology with the artists and invited guest speakers

2 pm: Introduction: Yvonne Volkart, curator • Performance: Mayan Technology for the People: A Zapatista haiku on the question of technology and the politics of intervention, by Ricardo Dominguez, co-founder of Electronic Disturbance Theater

3 pm: Ways and Weapons • Lecture by Tim Griffin, Executive Editor of ArtByte magazine • Statements by Ricardo Dominguez, Natalie Jeremijenko, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, ®™ark, and Cornelia Sollfrank • Open discussion

4 pm: cyber snack

4:30 pm: Agents and Representations • Lecture by Toni Dove, electronic media artist • Statements by Ursula Biemann, Marina Gržinič, Kristin Lucas, Diane Ludin, and Jenny Marketou • Open discussion

[introduction by Yvonne Volkart]

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