Wanda Phipps


I'm moving
can't stay inside
a thought long enough
to look around
to pin it down
but it's okay
that's the lesson
It's moving
let it go
take the flow
keep moving

one sock looks black
one looks blue from here

slipping into other's lives
like a tourist
real concerns
don't concern me now
I'm living to
learn each moment
as ease & grace
I'm moving
fog covers 208
Italian lovers squirm
a thick unease
quivers around the edges
of September
bungy cord
popped on my luggage carrier

there's a white
rocking chair
in the maroon guest room
just like the one
I like to think
my mother would have
liked when she
said she'd like
a rocking chair
this one has
white cushions
with pale gray
polka dots, stripes
and frilly edges

my mother died
because she was poor

it all keeps moving

he says open up
butterfly when we make love
I look like his old love
he looks like mine
he helps me remember
the days when every
step was a mystery
now my ankles ache
I'm moving through it

he watches a stripper
as if she was a rock star
queen of glamour
he calls me love goddess
and I dance in a warehouse
at midnite after
losing my clothes

want to let it all go
but can't throw away
this yearning to know
what it is
this moment
this now
just know I'm moving

there's a fugitive puppy
camped out on the couch
and baby's brought
a stop sign home

stillness runs through
this rushing to do nothing
and I pray to know it
to hold it
hold onto it
but it's all moving

I keep moving
but it's okay
that's the lesson anyway
it's all moving
let it go
take the flow
keep moving