Writings about Electronic Civil Disobedience 
The Ante-Chamber of Revolution: A Prelude to a Theory of Resistance and Maps (Part one and two) 
The Zapatista Tactical FloodNet 
Bottom Up Information Warfare Theory and Practice Version 1.0 
Paris Salon or Boston Tea Party 
Rhizomes Nomads and Resistant Internet Use  
The Electronic Disturbance Theater and Electronic Civil Disobedience  
SWARM: An ECD Project for ARS Electronica '98  
Transforming Luddite Resistance into Virtual Luddite Resistance  
Die Umwandlung des Widerstands der Maschinenstürmer in einen virtuellen Widerstand  
On Electronic Civil Disobedience  
Digital Zapatismo  
How to Jam an Opponent's Fax Machine  
Guide to Phone Jams 
New Year's Eve Hoax  
The Drug War and Information Warfare in Mexico 

Presentations on Electronic Civil Disobedience 
Panel at Harvard Law School, Boston, October, 1998   
Presentation and Workshop at Ars Electronica Infowar Festival, Linz, Austria, September 7-12, 1998  
Presentation at Grassroots News and Media Conference & Culture Jam in Austin, Texas, June 19-21, 1998 
Presentation at the Union for Democratic Communication Conference in San Francisco, June 11-14, 1998  
Panel at 1998 Socialist Scholars Conference in New York, March 20-22  

Media Coverage of Electronic Civil Disobedience 
Wired News article   
San Francisco Exam/Chron article 
Computerworld article  
For Their Civil Disobedience, the 'Sit-In' Is Virtual, New York Times Cyber Law Journal, May 1 

Critiques of Electronic Civil Disobedience 
Recent Critique from Toronto   
A Contribution to the Discussion of Electronic Civil Disobedience, by Harry Cleaver, May 1  
AME LA PAZ critique  
EDT response to AME LA PAZ