La Jornada Sunday, August 8, 2002.

The State Views the Indian Peoples as "Domestic Enemy"
by Saramago and Sábato

From the point of view of ethics and human respect, the decision by the
Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation means that the Mexican State
considers the indigenous peoples to be their domestic enemies.
A State which has demonstrated little evidence of national honor in the face
of the degrading demands, political as well as economic, which have come
from outside, a State which has dealt indifferently, when not in complicity
with, the expansion of crime and corruption of all kinds, is now the one
which is using its judicial, and clearly discriminatory, power against the
weakest part of the Mexican Nation.

José Saramago"
Ernesto Sábato"

In Spanish:Sábato"
"El Estado ve en los pueblos indios al "enemigo interno"
por Saramago y Sábato"