Successful action against Zedillo web site on April 10

For a test, beta action, and dress rehearsal, we all did an excellent job!

On Friday, April 10, there were 8,141 hits on the Flood Net URL which activated a looped ping command sent to the President Zedillo web site in Mexico City. These hits came from 23 countries! When a user visited the Flood Net URL a command to send a request to access the web site of the Zedillo adminstration was sent every 7 seconds for as long as the user was connected to Flood Net.

We know that Zedillo's web site was successfully interrupted intermittently throughout the day on April 10. We base this claim on our own observations and on reports received from others who informed us when the Zedillo site was down. We estimate that when 500 or more people were simultaneously connected to Flood Net this caused the Zedillo site to become inaccessible. This occured during times of peak connectivity to Flood Net.

Our actions were significant enough that there were attempts to break into the T1 servers at The Thing. Our actions received attention at a provider in Mexico. Someone from the machine tried to gain access to computers at The Thing but failed. Stefan was spammed with about 3,000 messages containing cryptic warnings.

We have proven again that we can act collectively and simultaneously on the Net! Our action builds on a similar plan issued earlier this year by the Anonymous Digital Coalition. The difference is that this time we automated the web site reloading process. Let's see what improvements we can make for next time.

Like for April 10, there will be a phased in release of information about the next tactical suggestion in advance of May 10. Actually, we think it dangerous to centralize this information at The Thing. We are just a very small group of people in New York. We are looking for people to collaborate with us in establishing a global network of sites from which electronic actions against the Mexican government can be activated.

We encourage people to begin experimenting with ping batche files and similar devices. Start to familiarize yourselves with what we did and do it yourselves. (See instructions). Copy and distribute knowledge. Spread the URL.

We have created a listserv for people who want to be involved in project development. The criterion for admission is that we know you or you come highly recommended from someone we know. We also have more secure private chat space available.

Electronic Civil Disobedience