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Free the 11 / We Are the 11!

¡Todos Somos Ayotzinapa!

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November 28-29, 2014

Please join us in a collective act of electronic civil disobedience in solidarity with the 11 students recently arrested in Mexico for protesting against the state’s involvement in the disappearance 43 students from the college of Ayotzinapa. When you join the action, your web browser will send mass page requests to the website of Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto and the website of Televisa (for example: " Carlos Pichardo Moreno.derechoshumanos"), filling their error logs with the names of the 11 detainees.

Given the accelerated and unprecedented decomposition of the political, legal and constitutional conditions needed to guarantee a minimum measure of civil and human rights for Mexico’s current social protest movement, we demand the liberation of the 11 students who stand presently accused of “rioting”, “organized criminal activity,” “conspiracy” and “attempted homicide”. The international community unites in an open and general call to Mexican authorities to abide by transparent and strict legal processes, respecting civil and human rights, with the immediate mediation and oversight of independent and international human rights organizations. All the documentation and testimonies related to the arrest and detention of the 11 students in this case is irregular and represents a case of criminal and illegal abuse of authority and force on the part of local and federal police. The students arrested are all peaceful and respected members from the departments of Social Sciences and Humanities at the National University (UNAM) and the national art school “La Esmeralda” among other colleges and academic divisions. -WE ARE THE 11!-

We stand with faculty and students, the artistic community, community organizations, workers and civil society in exercising their political right to peaceful protest, free speech and assembly in Mexico and demand that political and democratic rights be respected by the Mexican government. These students are presently political prisoners of a state near collapse, which has been consistently implicated, in endemic corruption and severe and systematic violations of human rights. The lives of the 11 students are in jeopardy. They have been transferred to notoriously dangerous high security prisons in Mexico. We hold the Mexican government responsible for their safety.

FREE THE 11: Luis Carlos Pichardo Moreno, Francisco García Martínez, Tania Ivonne Damián Rijas, Juan Daniel López Ávila, Hulary Analy González Olguin, Atzín Andrade González, Roberto César Gasso del Ángel, Laurence Maxwell, Lilia Graduño Ortega, Issac Domínguez Ayala y Hugo Bautista Hernández.

¡Todos Somos Ayotzinapa!

Con Amor y Rabia
The Electronic Disturbance Theater

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