Alleged Art Site

The Sisak map comes from a brochure of the alleged European Natural Heritage Fund. The Fund has had a logo based on the European Union flag. It is not European however, and it has nothing to do with the European Union. It is s strictly German organization, with some Austrian subset, and it promotes the entry of artists or scientists into sites throughout Europe of often not-so-ecological interest. I, Peter Fend, had been invited to take part in a "Kunst-Okologie-Kultur" show to be sponsored by this European Natural Heritage Fund, and one of the sites singled out to me for activity was here in Sisak. If one were to review a railroad map of Yugoslavia, and therein note that Sisak lies between the two major railroad lines from Zagreb towards whatever might be a military front against Yugoslav forces, I would see that the presence of international artists and ecologists here, specifically here, could CHIEFLY function as a sort of human shield against military attack. Had I gone ahead with the invitation from the German "European Natural Heritage Fund," and had I taken part in a "Kunst-Okologie-Kultur" project there, in a militarily strategic site, then I would be serving in a sort of cultural occupation force, as one of the (spiritual) soldiers of the Western Church against the Eastern Church in its (apparently) perpetual struggle for dominance in Europe. Instead, I denounced the European Natural Heritage Fund, identifying it for what it was, and I withdrew from the alleged "Okologie" show. There is yet more unmasking to do.