Line at Right Angles to Geological Pressure from Siberia,

A complete chart of the rivers and coastlines of Europe, if extended to include the Red Sea and the Gulf, shows several curious patterns. (1) A riverine pattern following a line from Iceland through Hamburg and the Elbe to the Danube and down through the Greece-Turkey frontier to the Red Sea. (2) A second tendency of lines to extend from the North Sea through Europe to the Tigris-Euprhates rivers to the Gulf. Both lines resonate with human history, and both lines--particularly the first-- correspond as well with geological forces. The first line follows a ridge of colliding plates which extends to New Zealand and around to Los Angeles, and, again, Iceland. Remarkable about this line is its inclusion of sites with also human-religious significance: Mt. Athos, Mt. Sinai, and Mecca. Why not? It was along this axis that sufficiently traumatic events occurred, like the parting of the Red Sea, to cause the birth of present-day religion. (Note, too, that the line includes Salt Lake City.) The second line leads more bluntly to lucre, sliding into the basin which, parallel to where there had been this "parting of the Red Sea", there was also--due to plate overslide--a vast accumulation of what are now fossil fuels. The wars of the Twentieth Century have primarily been about access to this line. For example, about access to a possible Berlin-Baghdad railway, a land bridge from Europe to the Gulf. As we all know, Winston Churchill was able to scheme for the utter prevention of such a bridge, and now we live in a still New World Order of Anglo American mineral-fuel dominance. A solution to the riddles in the second line can be found in adherence to the first. This is the line of a ridge which blocks, or at least deals with, the geological pressure tendencies extending from the Bering Sea through the Russian land mass to the Atlantic. This is the line largely at issue now in the war in Yugoslavia. It could also be a line for a policy of setting up, throughout its extension to New Zealand and Los Angeles and Iceland, a OIL FREE CORRIDOR.