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L I N A encourages people interested in the area, particularly local residents, to use this space to voice their opinions on local issues and developments. Neighborhood-related announcements, queries, revelations or advice are also welcome.

We'd like to hear what you think:  What are the good and bad aspects of Little Italy? What in the area should be improved/remedied/ignored/demolished? What should be preserved? What do you think of the changes that have occurred over the past few years — the new bars, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries?

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From Karin Hallen, hoping-to-be local resident, February 15, 2000

I am a Swedish woman currently residing in Los Angeles, California, but more than eager to move back to wonderful New York City soon again. Preferably then to your neighborhood, my favorite area in the City. If anyone has or knows anyone who has an apartment for rent I would greatly appreciate to be put in touch with them. Unfortunately I don't think I could pay much more than $1000 in rent, but all I'd need is a studio. I am 32 years old, a non smoker, quiet, clean, professional and happy. You can contact me at: H_luna@prodigy.net. Thank you in advance for your time.

From Matt Morris, local resident, October 18, 1999

After the sad and horrific violence at Ct. muffin and the ever present random violence in our city and our little area of the world i was pushed one step further in packing up my family and moving to the suburbs and maybe, lessening the opportunity for the "random" negative situations to find us. But reading your write up in the nytimes and my visit to your site has helped me find a little more hope, faith in and belief that our community does have people that care about correcting the negatives and pointing out the positives and i find it very helpful. our family will become a more active community member. thank you for your effort in starting your web site.

From Marcia H. Lemmon, local resident, October 17, 1999

In view of the recent tragic killings at CT Muffins, one has to ask: "WHERE'S THE POLICE?!" How many Fifth Precinct Community Council meetings have I and others attended where Captain Spataro was begged, BEGGED for more enforcement. Nada, zilch, nothing!

If the Fifth Precinct still has problems telling The Vig, M & R and other troublesome establishments to BE QUIET; how can we expect them to do the "difficult" tasks.

Broken Windows Theory Squared!

Chief Hoehl, Manhattan South is burning and the residents are PISSED!

From Jennifer Weill, October 15, 1999

Dear Community,

On Wednesday, October 13, Gary Crissey, owner of the Connecticut Muffin Bakery on Prince Street, and store manager Jimmy Brown were murdered during an armed robbery @ the bakery.

Two suspects, Terrence Wells & Lorone Grant, were arrested @ the scene after exchanging gunfire with police.

According to Elizabeth DeLeon, our District Attorney's Community Affairs Coordinator, The suspects have been remanded to custody. This means they are being held without bail. They will be in court again on October 19th, when they will be formally charged. On October 19th the suspects will have also have another opportunity to request bail.

Any concerned citizen can phone our Community Affairs Coordinator Elizabeth DeLeon @ 212.335.9082 to speak to her about any crime/police issues in our neighborhood & to get regular updates on the progress of this case.

**PLEASE write a letter to the District Attorney concerning this tragedy, to be placed in the case file. Your letter can be about how this crime personally affects you, your opinion on crime in our neighborhood, appropriate sentencing, or any other topic pertaining to this crime. Your letters will be read by the judge assigned to the case. Your letters may also affect what charges the DA's Office decides to bring against the suspects.

Please Address Letters To:

District Attorney County of New York
Community Affairs Unit
1 Hogan Place
NY, NY 10013

Attn: Elizabeth DeLeon

Thank you, Jenn.

From Tally Beck, local resident, October 2, 1999:

I am in favor of local hotspots in the area. While they can occasionally be a nuisance, they add a vitality to neighborhood that is indescribable. It's also nice to have so many nightlife options so nearby.

From Angelo Favia of Italy, September 26, 1999 (two persons seeking to rent apartment over New Year's):

Stiamo cercando un appartamento in Manahattan disponibile dal 26 dicembre fino al 1 gennaio 2000, in affitto. Abbiamo il volo, siamo due persone. Potete aiutarci? la mia e-mail anfavi@tin.it . Grazie.

From Joshua Goldstein, would-be local resident, November 20, 1998:

I'm looking for a modestly-priced (at least for NYC) apartment anywhere near or in Little Italy. Contact me at: Joshua_Goldstein@hotmail.com or (202)462-8885.

From Fred Kluth, local resident, November 14, 1998:

Just wanted to thank you for putting up such a great web site. The links are incredibly helpful. Hope to see it grow and expand - very interested in the history of our neighborhood.

Thanks again!



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